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  • The Importance of Pronunciation
    Clear pronunciation is important… Many students studying English or preparing for IELTS have always understood the importance of pronunciation, but why is it important? Many students want to sound like a 'native speaker', but why is this so important? A speaker can have clear pronunciation which a native can easily … Read more
  • Putting Prepositions in their Place!
    The cat is on the mat. Many English learners struggle with Prepositions. This can present problems especially in speaking and writing. So how can we fix this? Do you have problems working out your in from your on; your at from your from; or your up from your down? Here … Read more
  • 5 FREE websites to help you improve your English!
    Many English learners always want to know how they can improve their English. Whether it's building vocabulary, improving listening skills, speaking skills or writing skills, the following list of websites will help you to improve your English quickly and easily. Not only that, but all of these resources are absolutely … Read more