Many English learners always want to know how they can improve their English. Whether it’s building vocabulary, improving listening skills, speaking skills or writing skills, the following list of websites will help you to improve your English quickly and easily. Not only that, but all of these resources are absolutely free!  (You can listen to the podcast episode on the right hand side or click here.) You can see the Youtube version of this article below.

Let me know if these websites are useful for you and let me know if there are any other useful websites you use to help you learn English.

1: Listen and Write. >

The first website to tell you about is listen and write. The link is above if you want to take a look. This website is fantastic for improving your listening, spelling, vocabulary, pronunciation and overall English. If you are studying for something like IELTS, there are also many activities focusing on Phrasal Verbs. You can also sign up to get personal feedback, scores and extra resources.

For many activities, you simply listen and write in what you hear. There is help and hints available to help you and you can choose the right difficulty for your level. You can also practice speaking and pronunciation after reading each phrase or sentence to work on all 4 key English skills. There are videos, audio clips and specific lessons based on lots of different topics.

You can also sign up for free a level test to check your level before you get started. Next to each activity is a level marker and a time marker so this will also make sure that you choose the correct activities for your level!

2: Youglish. >

Many of my students love this website as many of them watch videos on youtube everyday, and this is very similar! Here, you can use YouTube to improve your English pronunciation. It features real people and real situations to provide context. Context is fantastic for helping you understand phrases and when to use certain phrases.  

All you need to do is type or say a phrase in English to get started. I used the phrase ‘now and then’ as an example, then I selected UK. This then brings up videos showing the phrase, spoken in British (UK) English:

As you can see, not only does Youglish bring up the clip, but it also starts the clip at the right time to hear the phrase, displays the words below and also highlights the phrase or the words you are looking for. Pretty neat eh? But not only that, Youglish also provides pronunciation tips to help you say the phrase correctly, as well as give you further tips. A great free resource!

3: Elllo. >

Elllo is another brilliant website for helping you to improve your English. What many students like about this website is it’s simplicity. There are thousands of short grammar, conversation, speaking and listening activities available, for learners of all levels! There are also scripts provided to help you understand vocabulary and context, as well as short activities you can complete to help you with comprehension.

Here is an example of one lesson asking students the best way to learn English. Click above to go to that lesson. As you can see, there are scripts, vocabulary and quizzes to help you with your understanding of the lesson.

Another popular section of the website is the one minute English section, where you can listen to both native and non-native speakers talk about a topic for 1 minute. You can also download scripts and complete quizzes. A really useful free way to improve your listening and reading skills!

4: Lyrics Training. >

Many teachers agree that immersion is a fantastic way to learn English. Songs and song lyrics can be a great way to improve your English! When I was learning Korean, I learned a lot of useful korean words and phrases from studying songs, and this is the same for English too! Lyrics training offers both a website and app you can download to help you learn English through your favorite song. There are thousands of songs to choose from!

First of all, choose your level, from beginner to expert. This will affect how many correct words you need to identify and write in while the song is playing.

Don’t worry if you make a mistake or miss a word or two, the song will stop and give you time to catch up! So give this a try today if you are a music lover who wants to improve their English vocabulary, listening and writing skills!

5: Breaking News English >

Breaking News English might be a little more low-tech and bare bones, but is still very useful for English learners, even in 2019. There are over 2500+ articles for reading practice, and most articles are offered over 7 different English levels.  

There are topics covering almost every different subject, with a range of activities to help you improve vocabulary, writing and comprehension. You will also find extra activities for listening, reading, grammar and spelling.

So here are just a handful of some of the best free websites that you can use today to start improving your English! Not only are these easy to use and fun to use, but they can also help you improve all areas of your English.

So what do you think? Are there any other FREE websites you use for learning English? Feel free to comment below or share this with a friend if you found it useful.

2 thoughts on “5 FREE websites to help you improve your English!

  1. Thanks a lot for these pages. I am an English teacher and I am always trying to find new tools for my students.
    Some I already new & often used in my classes. But some were just what I was looking for 🙂

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